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A to Z guide about  You might be paying a sweet amount for your internet connection, isn’t it? Therefore, when your internet is not working, you’re not so happy, right? Well, to be honest, it has nothing to do…

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AC750 Wifi range extender setup

Netgear AC750 WiFi Range Extender Setup Boosts your wireless connection to previously not reachable or dead-zone areas with Netgear AC750 Wi-Fi range extender. Compatible with any Wi-Fi router or modem. Dual-band Wi-Fi connection up to 750Mbps.  Small size and wall-mounted design…

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MYWIFI EXT setup web address to be enter at the top of the browser to get the login page of Netgear wifi extender. You will ask to enter the login details and create your login account then only you will be…

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