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How Do I Reset My NETGEAR WiFi Extender?

How do I Reset my NETGEAR WiFi Extender?

NETGEAR inc. is multi-national computer networking company based in San Jose, California. It has offices in 25 other countries across the globe. Our products include networking hardware for businesses, consumers and service providers. The company operates in 3 segments- commercial, retail and service industry.

WiFi range extender is a unique device which transmits the WiFi signals from your wireless router to the areas with less or no WiFi range in your house or workplace. While installing the device, you must make sure that it catches a strong signal from your WiFi router.

We are surrounded by hundreds of passwords for different products and services. And it can be really tricky to remember them all. It’s quite likely to forget the password of your NETGEAR WiFi extender and that can be quite frustrating. If you encounter such an issue, you can reset the device to its original settings. Just follow these simple steps to reset your device.

To reset your WiFi extender using the reset button on the device:

1. Ensure that your extender is powered ON

2. Find the RESET or FACTORY RESET button located either at the back, bottom or the side panel of the extender

3. Using a paper clip or a similar small object, press and hold the button for seven seconds

4. Release the RESET or FACTORY RESET button and your extender will reset to factory settings

To reset your WiFi extender using the web interface:

1. Log in to your extender through the NETGEAR WIFI link provided to you

2. If your browser shows the MENU icon, click on it. It will show the extender menu

3. Select settings> other > RESET

You will be redirected to a confirmation screen

4. Click on the appropriate option to confirm your selection

5. Your extender will reset to factory settings

Note- Performing a factory reset erases all your personalized settings like your username, password, security settings and your network name (SSID). You will have to make these changes again once you’ve reset your NETGEAR Extender Login.

In today’s times when a large part of all businesses are going digital, the presence of internet is extremely vital. It is the key to stay connected to the world and to carry out your business seamlessly. Internet has become a major medium of learning and skill development in these times of the pandemic, and is proving to be an essential tool for everyone, as it provides access to education without exposing you to the risk of contracting any virus.

Along with the internet, it is also important to have a strong and fast internet connection. Speed matters a lot in this fast paced life, and your internet speed will determine your work speed and output. And if your WiFi extender suddenly stops working, it could cause you considerable frustration. So save this link and keep this guide handy to help you reset your WiFi extender.

If you face any difficulty during any of these steps, contact our customer care department. They will guide you through the process.

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