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How do I connect with Mywifiext Setup?

Can’t connect with mywifiext setup page?
If error messages appear and you cannot go to, look for:

  • Ensure the control light on the extender is solid green (See “Netgear” logo for ex6100 or higher Netgear Extension models).
  • Place the extender in the same space as your router.
  • Make sure there are no wires attached to your modem or device extender.
  • Unplug then plug the extender in for 30 seconds. If the extender is up, repeat the above steps.
Connect with Mywifiext Setup

Mywifiext Setup via Website

There are chances that you will not be able to customise your range extension via WPS.

So we will have to do the manual configuration of in order to connect with mywifiext setup. So how do you do it?

  1. Attach the extender to the power source and wait before it boots.
  2. You can see a new Wi-Fi network as ‘NETGEAR EXT’ on your computer, smartphone or tablet. Choose this network and open a web browser.
  3. You will redirect to the configuration tab of Netgear Extender Setup. If not, go to at the address bar and type.
  4. A username and password would be needed here. Using admin for login and username.
  5. You can now see that you’re heading to the Genie Smart Settings tab, which is Here are some questions you can ask to register your Netgear account.
  6. You can see a list of available networks after you have successfully enrolled.
  7. Select the network of your home and select ‘continue.’
  8. A password or network key is required. It is the same as the link to your home network through your wireless devices. Important: the passwords are case sensitive, so make sure the correct password is entered.
  9. Click on the Skip alternative in the next step.
  10. Congratulations, you have configured your Netgear extension. You can unplug it and position it where weak Wi-Fi signals are available.
  11. These modules would help you customise your Wi-Fi extension to your current network and render it a plug-and-play system.

However you might find it a lot of work to get your extender going. Don’t worry. Don’t worry. You can still dial 1-888-399-2027 or visit to contact qualified network technicians to quickly get your extension installed.

There are some general problems that you can do to enter such as:

  • Please search for loose cables
  • Put the extensor next to the router
  • Make sure you have the proper password

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