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Is the location of Your Netgear Extender Setup Right?

Location of your Netgear Extender Setup? For users looking to expand their home network’s WiFi range, Netgear has plenty of WiFi extender choices. While all Netgear extender models are best for boosting your current network’s overall signal efficiency, it is really necessary to position the system in the right place to experience its maximum output. If your Netgear range ext is not appropriate, it is possible that you will face sporadic WiFi or sluggish internet problems, even if you have selected the fastest internet kit.

location of netgear extender setup

This guide will help you out, just in case you don’t know how to find the best spot for your Netgear extender. Walk through the steps below to figure out where to mount a Netgear extender setup in all areas of your home to experience the lag-free internet.

Where to set up your Netgear Extender

If you find an unstable network signal in certain parts of your home, or because of a bad system placement, you don’t get the most out of your WiFi Extender, the tips below will give you an idea of location of Netgear Extender Setup. We’re going over here:

You should know that routers and extenders are transmitting WiFi signals in all directions, and if you put the system in a corner, it won’t be able to reach all areas of your house. So, it’s easier to place the extender in a central position. While you will need extra cables to position your computer in the central area of your house, the flickering speed of the internet you enjoy is worth the effort.

Higher and In Open

The WiFi signals of the Netgear extender travel best if they are located on a higher surface and also in an open area. So, if you can mount the extender on a wall at a higher location, you’re sure to enjoy maximum coverage. Make sure you don’t hide the device inside a cabinet or under a table.

Avoid Aplliances

Make sure that it is far from other electronics at home before you set up and run your Netgear extender by setting it up via mywifiext. The closer it is to large electronic devices that emit radio waves, the more interference you will experience with WiFi.

location of Netgear Extender Setup


Bear in mind when positioning your Netgear WiFi Range Extender to place it in the field where it can reliably pick up signals from your current router. Also, align the device’s antennas upward to enjoy greater signal coverage in order to setup the mywifiext setup.

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