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Netgear EX8000 Setup

Netgear EX8000 Tri-Band Range Extender Setup from Netgear provides a workaround to expand your wifi range to a certain degree. As well as other efficient routers, it has the same ultra-high bandwidth as Netgear’s X6S. Netgear Extender Setup can help to expand the range to cover all the dead-zones of your house or office without losing speed.

To cover a 2500 square foot home comfortably, a single Nighthawk X6S router has enough range. The technology of the Netgear EX8000 Setup is similar and can cover the same spectrum. Using two would not, however, allow you 5000 square feet of coverage.

EX8000 Setup

Tri-band WiFi makes it possible for the EX8000 to create a dedicated FastLane3 link to an existing WiFi router or modem router. This dedicated link is not used for any other purpose, unlike single or dual-band WiFi range extenders, and thus maximizes the usable internet speeds, increasing the total network throughput for WiFi devices that are suffering from a bad connection, says NETGEAR.

You’ll find five different Ethernet ports on the back of the Netgear EX8000 Setup. Four of these are outputs, allowing your hardwired computers to be linked to the internet. One of them serves as a port for LAN. The LAN port is designed to make it act as an entry point for the extender. This means you are linking it to a hard-wired network, making a whole different wireless network.

The only wire you need to connect is if you are using the Netgear EX8000 as a WiFi Range Extender Setup with a site URL and a network cable. Instead of Ethernet, the extender links over a dedicated backhaul channel to your router. This is handled by a 5 GHz 4-4 (also known as Quad MIMO) radio. What this means is that on the 5 GHz network with four different communication networks, there is a dedicated line.

Netgear EX8000 Setup

Netgear EX8000 Features

The following characteristics of Netgear’s WiFi Extender Configuration are shared by NETGEAR EX8000 SETUP:

  • Extreme AC3000 WiFi speeds: up to 3Gbps (1733+866+400) for distribution
  • Smart Connect: to pick the best WiFi band (5GHz or 2.4GHz) for each system intelligently.
  • Multi-User MIMO (MU-MIMO): for streaming data concurrently to several users
  • Quad-core Processor: for improved 4K streaming and lag-free gameplay to improve wireless and wired performance
  • Six (6) high-efficiency antennas: to ensure the highest performance
  • Four (4) Gigabit Ethernet Ports: to connect wired gadgets such as game consoles, smart TVs, or set-top boxes for video streaming to your WiFi network
  • USB port ReadySHARE: to connect your USB printer to the USB 2.0 port

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